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Travel Edition | Uzbekistan (Day 1) | Personal style

Personal style is all about accepting who you are and expressing your individuality through your choice in clothes.


I like to think of my personal style as more laid back and comfortably chic with a mixture of street style. I’ve always enjoyed looking through others’ styles to inspire my own.

And I thought why not start my own series of posts that will showcase my style preferences and maybe inspire somebody else.

So the first post in my WHAT I WORE series is going to be travel edition posts with day by day breakdown of what I wore.

I decided to do little shoots of the outfits that I wore each day while on vacation in Uzbekistan recently. So you could see what I was wearing and maybe even help inspire your fall/ winter travel style.


style - denim dungarees
Denim dungarees – H&M

Being cold outside shouldn’t stop anyone from being a fashionista. And denim dungarees are just the right thing to spice up your wardrobe when its cold.

style - striped tee
Striped t-shirt – H&M

I paired my dungarees with a basic white and navy t-shirt to keep it simple yet classy.

style - hat, scarf and shoes
Beanie – H&M, Scarf – Max Fashion and Shoes – Westside

I also threw on a bobble beanie in grey and a thick knit scarf to finish my look for the daytime. As for footwear, I decided to wear white comfy sneakers.

style - accessories
Chockers – Forever21

For accessories, I put on a set of delicate choker and chain.



Denim Dungarees (Similar)

Striped tee (Similar)

White sneakers (Similar)

Scarf (Similar)

Chocker (Similar)

Bobble beanie (Similar)


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  1. I love this new series on your blog! It’s always so interesting to see different peoples personal style. I love those denim dungarees, and it goes so well with the beanie and scarf! x

    1. Thank you! I love to look through others’ personal style to inspire my own and thought maybe I could inspire somebody else’s.

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