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Fidget spinners! Slime! Sheet masks! Wait, sheet masks you say? Yes, this Korean skincare staple has sent beauty gurus and women all around the world into a frenzy. The current surge in Korean skincare internationally has brought forward this miracle in sheet form to us.

What is it?

For those of you questioning what a sheet mask is, it is a thin sheet of material (it could be cotton, nonwoven fiber, hydrogel, foil, knit, pulp or bio-cellulose) infused with serum/ essence rich in antioxidants and essential vitamins. They are primarily targeted on hydrating your skin, but also tends to your skins needs like brightening, tightening, illuminating, firming. and even treat fine lines to an extent.

I’ve compiled a list of reasons why sheet masks are a must have and why you must jump onto the bandwagon of sheet masks smitten enthusiasts.

  1. Convenience

Unlike traditional face masks, you don’t require to be over the sink because sheet masks don’t require washing off after application. All you have got to do is take the mask out of the packaging, place onto skin and wait the stipulated time period to take it off and once it is off, you simply have to pat the leftover essence onto the skin. Voila! Piece of cake.

  1. Travel friendly

These masks come in little individual packages making it easy to throw them into your bag while not having to contend with lugging around containers of various face masks. Put on a mask when in flight and let your skin soak in the serum, it is the best way to combat the dehydrating cold air in the cabin that can tend to make your skin dry and rough.

  1. Budget

Most sheet masks range on an average between Rs. 100 to Rs. 400. so that means you get to pamper and treat your skin to lush goodness more often and without having to spend a great deal on spa treatments.

But there are also high-end sheet masks available in the market. They tend to work more in-depth in comparison to budget masks; however, these masks are not a regular splurge because budget masks seem to be doing their job pretty well.

  1. Variety

You can find sheets masks that are concentrated on specializing in a particular requirement like hydrating/ illuminating/ firming/ brightening/ tightening/pore care/ fine lines etc. You can even find sheet masks that are available for various skin types. All in all, if you have a certain skin care requirement, you are sure to find a mask that serves the purpose.

  1. Pretty packaging

Am I the only one who is drawn to the pretty packaging? I have never come across a sheet mask packaging that I haven’t loved till this day. If all their other qualities didn’t get you hooked on them then their beautiful packaging will surely do the job.

The only drawback is that you may look like Casper the friendly ghost with it on (but hey, he’s cute.)

I couldn’t find an actual drawback to this amazing skincare product. I know!!  Too hard to believe it, isn’t it? Give them a try if you haven’t already and you’ll find yourself falling in love with sheet masks too.  For sheet masks head on over to Nykaa click here their wonderful deals on sheet masks are drool-worthy.

Are you a sheet mask addict like I am?
Which is your favorite brand?
Do you have reasons to love or hate sheet masks?



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