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Travel Diaries – Uzbekistan | Day 1: Getting there

Who loves reading travel stories? I DO!! I find it fascinating to know where someone went or what they did. I find it interesting because from somebody else’s experience story I learn a lot. So if I were to ever visit the same place I’m prepared as I already know quite a bit from another traveler’s perspective.

So I’ve decided to journal my travel experience from day 1 hoping to inspire somebody else’s travel plans or maybe just a good read.

RESFEBER – The tangled feelings of fear and excitement before a journey begins.

This is exactly what I felt multiplied by tenfold as the day I’ve been waiting and planning for had finally arrived.

It’s 1.30 and my family and I are seated in the car on our way to the airport, which is a 2-hour drive from where I stay. Yes, a very very long drive!!

Once there, I go through the usual check-in and security procedures and make my way to the gate. Want to know what I hate most about flying? Pre-flight jitters and waiting for the boarding. And what makes it a lot worse? A delay!!! But its alright this time, because it was just a 20-minute delay. I can handle that.

Its 5.20 and I’m finally boarding. Aisle seats!!! Who likes them? I don’t!! So after a briefly heated argument with my brother, I manage to get the window seat. I gleefully wait for the flight to take off so I can get me some beautiful over the clouds sunset photos.

travel diaries - uzbekistan

But guess what? Karma decides to pay me back that very moment. IM SEATED ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE FLIGHT!! The sunsets on the other side. And you know what got me fuming? The fact that every flight I’ve ever flown in I’ve got a seat on the left side and the sunset has always been on the right. This one time when I did get on the right side the sunset is on the left.

travel diaries - uzbekistan

So after over 2 hours of sulking, I land at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi – terminal 1 around 8.15 and my family and I quickly grab our bags and make our way out. It’s around 8.30 and we need to make it to terminal 3 for our international check-in before 9(its a good 20-minute drive from one to the other) When enquired, we were informed that the next shuttle is only after 20 minutes. We don’t have time for that!! So we rushed to get a prepaid taxi.

Once at the international terminal, we met up with our travel guide and made our way inside to check-in our luggage and go through immigration.

Once done I grab a quick snack and spend the rest of my time walking around the airport.

travel diaries - uzbekistan

Its 12.45 and I’m boarding yet again. We land in Tashkent around 3.45 and I step out to head to the shuttle that takes us to the terminal. And boy did I regret wearing a casual tee and leggings.  IT WAS FREEZING COLD. With all the chattering my teeth did I’m surprised I still have any left.

Once out, we were informed by our travel guides that the immigration process takes around 2 hours and let me tell you, it took way more than two hours. After standing for hours, fighting sleep and suppressing anger towards people who do not grasp the concept of a queue. We finally made it out of the airport.

But all of a sudden standing in the queue for hours seemed wonderful when compared to the bone-chilling cold outside. We were swarmed by a sea of men outside, offering to take us to our hotels.

travel diaries - uzbekistan

After a very brief ride, we reach hotel Ramada – our home for the next few days and I rush in as fast as I can because another minute out there in the cold and I would’ve turned into a popsicle. Note to self : (When someone says it’s going to be cold, be smart and do not dress like you’re going to the Bahamas)

It’s around 6.30 and I’m half asleep as we make our way to our rooms. I see my bed and I can already imagine how cozy it’s going to be.  I tried to get a couple hours of shut-eye before we’re off to exploring the city in the morning.

travel diaries - uzbekistan

What I got up to on the other days:
Day 2: City tour highlights

Day 3: Coming up soon.

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  1. I love this travel post so much! It was so interesting and fun to hear about your travels. I hope you have a great trip and stay warm! x

  2. So excited to follow your journey in Uzbekistan! There’s so little written about it. Shame about missing the sunset, but hey, I guess now you’ll be even more motivated to take some amazing sunset pictures while you’re there!

    1. Thank you 🙂 That’s right!! Not a lot of people know about it. And yes, I did manage to get some sunset pictures!

  3. Great post Sandra Raju. I saw the photos in Instagram and the place was amazing especially the mountain photo, was nice view 🙂

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