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Clinique Clarifying Lotion Anti-Blemish Solutions


Have you ever found that one skincare product that turned out to be a savior? I just found mine and I am beyond happy.

My skin has recently been going through a very bad phase and I was willing to do anything to bring it back to its old state. And that’s when I came across the Clinique Clarifying Lotion Anti-Blemish Solutions. I did know about the product before but I never had a reason to purchase it until recently.


This was my very first purchase from Clinique. I’ve used it for over a month now and I thought maybe its time I reviewed it.


The medicated formula gently exfoliates to get rid of dead skin cells, reduces excess oil that leads to breakouts, unclogs pores and the oil absorbing powder controls excessive shine.


Rs. 1850 for 200ml


It comes in a 200 ml bottle which is the full size. The packaging is beautiful. It is a mint green bottle with a white screw cap.


The opening of the bottle is too wide which unfortunately leads to wastage of product. The product claims to be fragrance-free but the moment you unscrew the cap you get a whiff of alcohol.



The oil absorbing powder settles at the bottom of the bottle when not in use. So shake the bottle well and apply the solution to a cotton ball/pad and gently sweep across face and neck. Avoid getting close to the eye.




When the powder has mixed well with the solution it will turn cloudy.

Clinique suggests that the product be used twice a day and in case dryness or peeling occurs, you can reduce usage.ย 


When I first bought the product I used it twice a day. But that left my skin feeling extremely dry. I now use it once, in my night time routine and I make sure to use a moisturizer over it to prevent excessive drying.

My first reaction to the product was that it highly smelled of alcohol. The second reaction was that it provided an instant cooling to my skin. It did sting my eyes every time I accidentally went too close to them.


The solution reduced the size of my blemishes and drastically reduced the redness. Over time, it also helped curb the number of pimples that kept cropping up. It also took away the shine and oiliness from my skin.

What I liked most was that it took away the last bits of makeup that my makeup remover and cleanser could not get rid of.


  1. Reduces the redness and size of blemishes.
  2. It does clarify skin off all impurities
  3. Takes off the final bits of leftover makeup
  4. A little of the product goes a long way
  5. Provides instant cooling sensation when applied to the skin.
  6. Instantly absorbed by the skin
  7. Does improve condition of the skin with regular usage
  8. The active ingredient is salicylic acid 1.5% which helps treat acne.


  1. Might cause excessive dryness and peeling.
  2. Does not completely prevent new pimples from cropping up
  3. Contains alcohol
  4. Stings your eyes.
  5. The opening of the bottle is very big, which leads to wastage of product as a lot of it ends up being dispensed.
  6. Slightly over priced. But its ok, since Clinique is considered a high-end skincare brand.



3 because of the alcohol content


I love it. I have seen some great improvements in the texture and condition of my skin andย even though the product has alcohol in it, I would repurchase the product. Because it seems to work well for my skin.


Clinique Clarifying Lotion Anti-Blemish Solutions | Nykaa



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