12 items every woman needs in her purse

“My purse is my best friend because it comes with me everywhere”, haven’t we all heard this?

My purse has been through thick and thin with me. I can’t remember the last time I left home without my handy dandy sidekick, aka, my purse. We trot about carrying half our house on our shoulders because we never know what we may need and when. And we often end up carrying things that we don’t necessarily require.

So here’s a list of the absolute necessary items that would make a women’s life easier without having to carry around all that weight. (i’ve chosen to ignore the necessary and obvious items like the wallet, phone and keys from the list).

  1. Sunglasses

You never know when you would have to head out into the harsh sunlight. They are vital to protecting your eyes from radiation and ultraviolet rays. They help prevent you from straining and squinting your eyes because who wants fine lines and wrinkles from doing that?

  1. Sanitizer

Imagine the number of bacteria that could be lurking on your hand from having touched a public toilet handle or tap, from counting money or from traveling in public transportation. You never know what could be on those surfaces, so it’s always best to throw in a travel-sized sanitizer into your purse.

  1. Safety pins.

Ever had an unexpected wardrobe malfunction and wished you had something to handle the situation. Well, these bad boys will help get you through it. ( Given that it isn’t a major malfunction)

  1. Hair ties

No woman has ever said she has too many hair ties and hairpins, why? Because they seem to disappear into thin air. Throw some into your purse to use on days when you just need to throw your hair up and get some work done. And you also get some use out of them before they decide to disappear.

  1. Mints/ gum

Nobody ever wants to talk to somebody with bad breath. You wouldn’t right? So why would you want to do that to somebody else? And you never know who you’re gonna run into.

  1. Tissues/ wet wipes

Handy essential to blot away sweat and oil. You could also use them to wipe down places that you think might not be clean. Germaphobe much?

  1. Feminine products.

Be it pads, liners or tampons. What better way to tackle your unexpected period than being prepared? If not yours, you could help another lady in need.

  1. Sunscreen

A small bottle of sunscreen in your purse and you don’t have to worry about sun damage every time you head out.

  1. Body mist/ perfume

A travel sized roll-on perfume or body mist can help save you from embarrassing body odor situations.

  1. Lipbalm

Small things in life matter. That is all I’ve got to say about lip balms. Because nobody wants a dry, chapped lip. Throw in a small tube of your fave lip balm and protect your pout from ever experiencing a dry, chapped day.

  1. Band-aids

You’re thrilled to wear the new shoes you bought, but wait! now you’ve got painful shoe bites and you aren’t as thrilled anymore. Band-aids can make it better. ( I just made it sound like an ad for band-aids, oh well!!)

     12. Mirror

To touch up on makeup, to check on them pearly whites to make sure you’ve got nothing between them or to fix your hair. The uses of a little hand mirror are innumerable.

These are possibly the only items you’ll ever need to carry in your purse to tackle anything that comes your way.


What else do you have in your purse?
Do you think any other item has to be added to the list?


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